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Become More Productive in Less Time

After completing CRM software training your team will be ready to generate more leads, close more sales, operate more effectively, and take your business to the next level. Three hours of training pays tremendous dividends in time saved, increased earnings, or increased billable hours.

On-site Training


Advanced Marketing & Data Mining

Remote Training

Basic Training

  • Create and manage contacts

  • Use the calendar

  • Share information with other users

  • Create templates to save time with documents

  • Use Activities to track and manage appointments, meetings and tasks

  • Use Groups to communicate and follow up more efficiently

  • Use Companies to quickly access important information about prospects and clients

  • Use Opportunities to keep your pipeline full and turn more prospects into customers.

  • And, learn the basic functions of the Opportunity List, Task List, and Dashboard.

Advanced Marketing and Data Mining

  • Manage Opportunities to fill your pipeline and close sales more quickly.

  • Create Advanced Queries to target the right prospects and customers.

  • Work with Groups to save time and maximize your results.

  • Work with Companies so important data is at your fingertips.

  • Design an Activity Series to save time and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Customize document and e-mail templates to save time and produce perfect documents every time.

  • Prepare and send mail-merge materials to deliver personalized mass mailings with one click.

Training & Classes

On-Site Training

On-site customized training is fine-tuned for your business and industry needs. New employees can learn everything they need to know about to get up-to-speed quickly. On-site training is very cost effective for large groups.

Remote Training

Join Northwest DataDesigns for live and fully interactive, web-based training via the phone and an Internet connection. Perfect for companies with remote employees.

Training & Classes

Don’t Waste Another Minute – It’s Time to Get More from Your Software

With training, either on-site or remotely, participants discover how to be more productive in less time.

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