Solutions for Non-Profit Employment Services

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Overhead and Deliver Additional Value

Now your crucial data can be at your fingertips the moment you need it.

Imagine your office with 
  • centralized client data
  • minimal redundancy
  • outcome measurements for CARF or your board in an instant

It's a snap using Act! CRM software with a client case management database developed by Northwest DataDesigns specifically for employment services organizations. This dynamic duo of powerful software and custom database can help you operate more efficiently, reduce overhead costs and deliver more value to your clients.

Take a peak at this unique tool designed and enhanced by working side-by-side with non-profit employment services organizations like yours.

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Read how this employment services non-profit with four offices uses Act! to increase efficiency and reduce overhead.


Act! software is significantly less expensive than comparable CRM and case management software making it an easy choice for employment services organizations. Other popular CRM software actually does less but costs significantly more. Northwest DataDesigns can quickly understand your unique needs in order to tailor Act! so your organization can operate more efficiently and reduce overhead. Instead of being bogged down with agency management details your team will be able to focus on client care.

Easily Compile Outcome Measurements & Case Notes for CARF and your Board

Act! puts an end to spending countless hours evenings and weekends compiling data for reports. With the click of a mouse your customized Act! software will deliver the data you need in easy-to-read reports.

  • CARF accreditation surveys
  • Funding reports
  • Quarterly management reports
  • Weekly, monthly and annual reports

Northwest DataDesigns has several non-profit employment services clients using Act! software. CARF audited the data and systems of several and gave no recommendation or suggestions in the areas that Act! is managing.
CARF found:

  • the data was complete
  • the data was correctly measured
  • the reports were complete

As an employment services CEO you can review reports with peace-of-mind knowing the numbers are facts, not gut guesses or inaccurate statistics.

Get Paid More Without Working Harder or Adding Staff

Discover how to get paid for ALL your coaching staff's eligible hours. You know employees put in time every week that is never paid because it's difficult to accurately track and report hours. Imagine the difference that extra income would make in fulfilling your mission and serving your clients!

Act! automates recording of eligible hours making it easy for your organization to increase billable hours.

  • Act! will track your staff's phone call's, client related meetings and report writing durations.
  • Act! automatically adds this the time to your billable hours.
  • With phone call and meeting notes neatly organized in Act! it is easy for your team to access (data that might otherwise have been forgotten).

This customized employment services database delivers a powerful return on investment. 

Combine Case Management Reports with a Few Clicks

Act! streamlines and simplifies case management. Each team member has access to centralized data (based on permissions) in a secure system that is well-organized and easy to find. This reduces redundancy as well as gaps in information. Your team can access information in the office and in the field. For example, your coach is in the field when a client has seizure. That coach can instantly access the client profile in Act!, see what med's the client is on, then take immediate action. You can leave behind the old days of making the client wait while their coach calls the office and waits while someone pulls the paper file and shuffles through its contents for the critical information.

Easily Complete Incident Reports, Status Changes and Time Studies

Your customized database contains easy-to-access templates that auto-populate with client information making it a snap for your coaching staff to edit on the fly without re-typing standard information. Templates can be saved and attached to a clients file, printed or sent via e-mail.

Put Client Data at Your Fingertips

Contact us today for an Act! demo and to discover how Act! can help your organization increase efficiency and reduce overhead.


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Centralize client data, eliminate redundancy, and streamline outcome measurements.


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