Act! Case Study: David Nelson and Associates

Software That Fits Their Workflow and Provides Meaningful Reports

David Nelson and Associates is a Seattle-based team of executive coaches and career transition advisors.

Before using the services of Northwest DataDesigns, David Nelson and Associates used a different brand of CRM software. Using it they experienced:

  • A database that didn’t suit their work flow
  • A database that didn’t meet their contact-management needs
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of ongoing support for data customization

After converting to Act! with the help of Northwest DataDesigns, David Nelson and Associates experienced:

  • A highly customized database that suited their workflow
  • A database that meets their contact-management needs by making it easy to add data, locate data and create meaningful reports
  • Great user training for Act!
  • Ongoing training
  • Ongoing support for data customization

David Nelson and Associates was so thrilled with their results that they recently converted to a newer version of Act! for its additional time-saving tools and remote-access features.

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