Act! Case Study:
Morningside Community Rehabilitation Program

Important Data and Accurate Reports at their Fingertips

Morningside Community Rehabilitation Program is a not-for-profit organization which provides employment services to people with disabilities. Morningside has 60 Act! users at four locations in Western Washington.

Before using services by Northwest DataDesigns, Morningside experienced:

  • Limited access and limited reporting for case management
  • Paper case-file management
  • Duplication of data and poor communication between teams and case managers
  • Statistical data created manually (with high possibility for error)
  • Billable time manually reported (resulting in under-reporting)
  • Manual reporting of outcome measurements for CARF
  • Senior leadership had low confidence in the data being reported

After using services by Northwest DataDesigns, Morningside experienced:

  • Centralized database with connection via the web and sync to all four locations
  • Information on case management is centralized
  • Paperless case-file management
  • Automated billable time through systems reports
  • Automated reporting of outcome measurement for CARF
  • Senior leadership has high confidence in statistical data

Put Client Data at Your Fingertips

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